Your customer experience may be feeling a bit stale if you have used the same packaging for your brand for quite some time. We have some bags great news for you. This is a versatile, brand-new item that you can add to your sustainable packaging collection.
You might be asking why tote bags? They’re everywhere for a reason. As an eco-friendly option to plastic bags that cause so much damage to the environment, totes bags are gaining popularity.
Tote bags can be used for multiple purposes. They are large enough to hold everything you need, including books, gym clothes, and tinned pasta. Totes can carry it all!
These bags are attractive for more than just their practicality. They are a flexible packaging option that businesses can use to house their products. Customers can reuse them in a way that promotes your brand. They are a simple marketing tool.
The tote bag is as practical and beautiful as it is stylish. These are three reasons to add the tote bag to your custom packaging.
1. Their Versatility
Many uses for tote bags are possible. You can use your tote bag for shopping, wrapping, storage, and even at events. Because of their versatility and reusable nature, Custom Shopping Bags offer a great branding opportunity.
Personalizing a bag with your brand’s logo allows you to safely package products for delivery. Customers can then reuse the bags and take them with them to the real world. This allows you to share your brand with more people than your customer.
A tote bag’s beauty is that it can be used every day. Any logo or design you put on them will stand out loud for all to see.
Ecommerce is not the only area that can reap the benefits. You can personalize reusable bag packaging such as totes and use it in person in bricks-and-mortar stores, small business events or private celebrations like baby showers, weddings or parties. Everyone enjoys getting personal.
2. Their Creativity
A cotton tote bag can be customized in the same way as a blank canvas.
Custom branding is the best way to make your tote bag stand out. Let your imagination take over when designing a bag that represents your brand.
Do you want your brand to be fun and quirky? This could be reflected in vibrant colours and quirky illustrations.
Perhaps elegance and sophistication are your top priorities. Simple, elegant logos or patterns can work wonders. No matter what your brand identity is, make sure you capture the essence of your brand in your design. Have some fun!
3. Their Sustainability
Imagine a world where plastic waste is not a problem and where the oceans are clear and unpolluted.
Does it sound too good to be true It’s not as difficult as you might think? Being sustainable is possible. It’s a huge step in the right direction to use tote bags instead of plastic packaging.
Your custom tote bag can be made from either a 60% recycled organic cotton mix, or 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton.
Organic cotton can be a more sustainable option than regular cotton, as it is not treated with pesticides. It is also made from non-GMO seeds.
This avoidance of harmful chemicals is good for the environment and for the health with valium of the workers who pick the cotton.